Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mary and Joey

New dress for awards ceremony

Mary's new hair

More summer fun

Pool Fun in Crossville

Kenny Ricky and Jessie at Christmas

Daddy Love

Steve and Phil July 4th car show

Joey after his bottle.

Baby Joey

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Parade part 4

Christmas Parade 3

Christmas Parade 2

The Disney Christmas Parade

The Life Size Angel on the Tree
Beautiful Epcot Christmas Tree
The Epcot Tree
Mary and Amy

The 3 Story Tree in the Grand Floridian Hotel

My Little Houses
My Christmas Village

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carol of the Bells part 3

Carol of the Bells part 2

The Carol of the Bells played at the Epcot Arches is just beautiful!! I think it was the idea that set me in motion for my own musical light display. People sit or stand and watch the lights and music in total awe!!!

My Christmas Fireplace
Mary's Gingerbread House
Main Street Christmas Tree
Mary at the Gingerbread House

Cinderella's Castle on Main Street

Mary and Amy

Christmas Fireworks part 3

Christmas Fireworks part 2

Christmas At Epcot Fireworks

My family is so very fortunate to be able to see Christmas at DisneyWorld every year. My husband, Steve, has been there 30 years and lucky us!!! We get a Silver Pass every year. The beauty of the flowers, decorations and special events cannot be captured in words or on film. I still stand with tears streaming down my face every time I witness a fireworks display and listen to the music that goes along with it. It is a wonderous event to me!!! I hope you enjoy them too.

Merry Christmas

This is my front yard. I have always loved the syncronized lights at Epcot. I happened to see a few of the light displays online (You Tube) and wondered exactly how they made their lights go on and off to music. I thought it might be a computer program. I just happened to see a light set at Penneys. It explained there were 6 outlets for sets of lights and a speaker. I bought it. There were no instructions. I had seen how the lights worked out at the Epcot Arches so I had an idea of how it all works. Two hours later, I was done. The neighbors all love it. People stop in their cars to watch. There are about 10 songs with it. Then I made my own cd with 20 Christmas songs. I attach my cd player to it and it plays my personal favorites. I love it!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Birds

There were so many Franklin Gulls and Pellicans it was amazing!! Mary called the pellicans the "Biker Dudes" because they moved around in a pack. Steve called them the "Pellican Possee".There were thousands and thousands of schools of baby fish and the gulls hovered over them and dived into them. The little fish moved in huge dark clouds. We watched them move around the pilings and the dock for hours. When the birds would fly over them, they would jump right out of the water and try to get away. It looked and sounded like a rain shower on the water.

Fort Desoto Vacation

Proud Daddy on Fathers Day

collecting shells

Mary digging

Groveland Sunset

The Pool


Humming bird vines


Front walk
construction on front walk

front walk now


Front walk

Bird bath and flowers
Fairy Ball

My Gardens

The Fairy Garden

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pretty Birdbath

Mary and I made this with 5 clay pots, glued together and then we added a pot bottom for the water. We bought beads and glass shells at Walmart. A fun project!!

BirdBath Mary and I made

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Lioness